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The Outdoor Adventure Network offers online shopping for the Ultimate in Outdoor Sportings Goods - Hunting and Fishing Equipment and Gear. Hunting, fishing and outdoor equipment and gear is offered by some of the finest outfitters, including tents, rifles, fishing lures, sleeping bags, outdoor clothing, waders, and more.


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What outdoor gear do you need in your back pack for your next hunting or fishing trip?

These basic outdoor equipment items, are frequently carried by hunters, fisherman and other outdoorsmen going into remote wilderness areas. The below list of sporting goods and outdoor gear is also perfect for your Go bag (backpack) in a disaster survival situation.

Our basic gear list includes the following:

Rain Gear
Socks (1 extra pair )
Gloves or Mittens (wool / neoprene)
Knife (fixed blade sheath knife )
Pocket Knife
Small metal mirror
Roll of florescent tape
First Aid kit (with neosporin)
Small sewing kit (from hotels)
Duct Tape (small roll)
Several Lighters plus waterproof matches
Fire starter kindle (it’s amazing how hard it is to start a fire in the rain)
Fishing line (50ft of 15lb test), hooks (assorted sizes) and split shot sinkers
Small LED Flashlight & Batteries
Small battery operated radio
Cash, in small denominations
GPS / Spot
Boy Scout style compass
Parachute cord – 15 ft
Rope - 50 ft. .
Tarp (min. 10x12) or lightweight backpackers tent
Mess Kit (All Aluminum)
Water in aluminum canister
Water purifier kit & tablets
Candy bars & multi-vitamins
Space blanket / Bivy Sack / Sleeping bag
Bug dope
Hand saw and/or axe
Gun(s) and ammo

Our list of the "must have" hunting and outdoor gear items for your day pack can also be seen at s-u-r-v-i-v-e.com and has been culled from years of outdoor experience and the many survival articles and lists on the subject.

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